clean water is a right


We take access to water for granted when we turn on the faucet in our house or take a hot shower. But 345 million people in Africa do not have access to any water. Women and children spend part of their day carrying water from dirty streams. Since 2010 with donations, we have built water systems in villages and schools and changed the lives of over 7000 people.


education transforms lives


There is a 50% dropout rate in primary and secondary school in northwest Cameroon. Students quit because of language barriers and financial hardship. Joining forces with BFF, a local non profit in Fundong, with your donations we have enrolled over 50 students in primary and secondary school. A $50 donation supports a primary school student , a $100 donation will fund a high school student.



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If 1000 people donated a $10 bill…..

This February and March i will be spending 6 weeks in northwest Cameroon working in the high schools and with surrounding villages on water projects. Help us change lives through access to clean water and educational opportunities. Click here to donate, and please email me directly if you have any questions: -Lois Pierris, Founder […]

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check out our donation history at the web address below..

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spread the word

Shared World Visions is finding,funding and managing ongoing water, infrastructure and educational projects in the villages of Northwest Cameroon. Each winter I spend 7 weeks living in the village of Fundong,dialoguing with students on issues from HIV,recycling, career choices and African politics. I use photos and video to document future and completed water projects. There […]

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