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Shared World Visions….. we can create a better  world through education

Between 2009 and 2011, with the help of a small Texas non profit, OFI, plus my family and  friends in Seattle,  we completed three water projects, making clean water available to 6000 people.  We have a women’s group which is growing and succeeding, many of the members have been able to add funds to their savings accounts.  With the help of the principal of GBHS, the government high school in Fundong, there is a recycling campaign in progress with thirty plastic garbage cans spread around the campus.  The pvc pipe in the picture below is part of the completed project for the high school in Meli.






I  established Shared World Visions this summer to expand the work we have done so far.. Our goal is to bring clean water to as many schools and communities in northwest Cameroon as we can. We are also committed to guiding , supporting and educating women so they can be self supporting as many are without husbands. The local schools have a great need for books, pens and notebooks.
This year we brought new clothing to an elementary school where many of the  children wear torn used clothing and use broken flip flops as shoes, many have no underwear.

I have begun to work with an American volunteer working in Fundong. We are collaborating to raise funds to support our many projects.The following is from Eric Dean.

“My name is Eric Dean, a graduate of Loyola University of Chicago, volunteering as a teacher in northwest Cameroon. I have been working with Shared World Visions targeting education, water projects and women’s support groups in Fundong and surrounding villages. We are currently focusing our efforts to improve Meli high school . Our goal is to repair classrooms and build a library computer room and science lab. We also hope to award scholarships to needy students and lend money to fund women without resources to start small businesses.
There is almost no government support for any of the above projects and no free education in public schools. Your generous donations are needed to improve the quality of life and educational opportunities for so many individuals.”