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Shared World Visions is finding,funding and managing ongoing water, infrastructure and educational projects in the villages of Northwest Cameroon. Each winter I spend 7 weeks living in the village of Fundong,dialoguing with students on issues from HIV,recycling, career choices and African politics. I use photos and video to document future and completed water projects. There is a great need for foreign volunteers to support and counsel women who have never finished primary school,are not self sufficient and are single parents.


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3 Responses to “spread the word”

  1. Patrick muluh on 17/11/2011 #

    great idea.We long to see this happen.You should also post the pictures we captured in menka where cattle shared the same water source with humans.appalling site indeed.

  2. Patrick muluh on 17/11/2011 #

    i am very glad to see the photos and all the true details of GBHS FUNDONG project.Could you just add more of the vidoes we had there please?
    Think about the other projects which have not received funding like that in menka village with over 15000peopl.

  3. Carolyn Ayres on 03/12/2013 #

    Lois, From an old friend way back in the 1980s.

    I just saw you featured in the Intelligent Optimist magazine. Wow! I love what you are doing with your life. Good Good Work for the World.

    What amazing changes and you look so happy!!!!

    Please, if you have time send me an email. i would love to stay in touch.


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